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Wayne Hyde Plumbing is dedicated to providing clients in Nolanville, Belton, Killeen & Temple, TX and the surrounding area with superior plumbing services. You can count on us to look after your residential or commercial plumbing because:


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Get in touch with Wayne Hyde Plumbing LLC for fast, efficient, affordable, and long-lasting water heater repair services in Bell County. As the premier Edgeworth, TX water heater repair company, our team of professionally trained, fully licensed and insured technicians are experts in their field. A water heater problem can be quickly detected and effectively corrected by our contractors, using advanced technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and state-of-the-art supplies. You can relax and have peace of mind knowing that you will have hot water again as soon as you hire Wayne Hyde Plumbing LLC for your water heater repair needs!

Warning Signs You Need to Contact a Edgeworth, TX Water Heater Repair Professional

You probably don’t think much about your water heater until you’re standing in an icy cold shower – though it’s one of the most important appliances in your Bell County home.

When you wash the dishes or take a relaxing bath, your water heater is supplying you and your family with hot water day and night. Due to its constant use, this essential appliance is bound to break down at some point because it experiences a lot of wear and tear. The importance of your water heater becomes apparent when not a drop of warm water flows out of your taps. You should seek water heater repair services before taking a freezing cold shower if you’re experiencing no hot water at all. Having no hot water is pretty obvious from the time you run out of hot water; however, there are a few other signs that indicate it’s time for upgrades.

You should pay attention to the water coming out of your Bell County home’s showers and faucets. Water heater repair professionals in Edgeworth, TX should be contacted as soon as possible if you notice any of these symptoms.

Bell County Plumbing Company
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Inconsistent Water Temperatures

Is the water coming out of your Bell County faucets boiling hot at times, and lukewarm at others? If so, you’re in need of water heater repair. Water will be reliably heated by this appliance when it is working properly. When it comes to water temperature, however, there is definitely something wrong when it is inconsistent.

Water heaters that deliver lukewarm or cold water may be responsible for a variety of problems. One of the most common causes of this problem is mineral buildup in the water that runs through the appliance; however, other factors could also be to blame, such as a broken drip tube, a damaged gas valve, or a faulty heating element. Regardless of the situation, an expert Edgeworth, TX water heater repair technician will perform a thorough inspection of the appliance to identify the root cause, and make the necessary repairs to ensure that the appliance continues to deliver hot water reliably.

Short-Lived Hot Water

When a water heater is working properly, it will keep the water hot and ready to use so that you’ll have a steady supply when you turn a faucet on until you turn it back off. Water heaters are equipped with two heating elements, which allows them to provide hot water whenever you need it. Your hot water heater may be malfunctioning if, when you turn on the faucets in your Bell County home, the water starts out hot and quickly turns cold. A faulty heating element is likely to be the cause of the problem, which can be fixed by a professional who has experience with Edgeworth, TX water heater repairs.

Bell County Water Heater Repair

Discolored Water

It is important that the water coming from your county home’s taps is colorless. When you turn on a sink, a shower, or a tub, and you notice that the water is rust-colored or contains dark flakes, you might have a water heater issue. Rust could be the cause of the discoloration you’re seeing, or sediment could have accumulated in the tank. If you consume or bathe in the water, you will absorb the rust or sediment through your skin, so using it can be harmful in either case.

Water heater technicians in Edgeworth, TX will determine the cause of discolored water and make the necessary repairs to restore it to its colorless appearance, thus making it safe for human consumption and usage.

Water Leaks

Ensure that your hot water heater is working properly from time to time by checking it periodically. Water puddles underneath it are an indication that something is wrong. There are several reasons for leaks to occur, including deterioration of the materials used in the construction of the appliance or damage to pipes, valves, or other components.

You should contact a Edgeworth, TX water heater repair company as soon as you see a puddle of water or water leaking from the appliance. If you don’t fix the problem right away, you might end up with even bigger problems that will require more expensive repairs in the future.

Need Water Heater Repair Services in Bell County?

In the event that any of the above mentioned issues are affecting your water heater, don’t delay; contact a Edgeworth, TX water heater repair professional as soon as possible. In no time at all, Wayne Hyde Plumbing LLC will have your water heater back in working order! You can schedule an appointment by calling 254-410-4416!

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Edgeworth is an unincorporated community in Bell County, in the U.S. state of Texas. According to the Handbook of Texas, the community had a population of 20 in 2000. It is located within the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area.


The process of installing a home’s plumbing involves three phases: Underground rough-in phase. Aboveground rough-in phase (top-out or stack-out). Finishing phase (Trim-out or trim-finish).

Plumbing issues like clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets, pipe leaks, low water pressure, a running toilet, and leaking faucets are some of the most common issues we see in homes.

A plumbing system is a system designed to supply residents of a house with adequate and potable supply of clean and potable water to use in their everyday activities; and, to discharge waste water and sewage from fixtures to the public sewer or private disposal system in order to facilitate household hygiene.

As part of routine plumbing maintenance, you should look for small leaks periodically. You should also perform some seasonal plumbing maintenance to catch problems early and resolve them. 

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